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Facilitator Training Description


Therapeutic Rhythm and Mindfulness (TRM™) Professional Facilitator Training 

Current grant proposals are focused on the refinement and launching of the new TRM professional facilitator training program.  Facilitator training will take place in three stages. The first section is focused on generating the foundational practices of TRM, including personal instruction on meditation, rhythm instruments, and the basis of effective group facilitation, including cultivating therapeutic presence. After establishing a mindfulness and rhythm practice, trainees will participate in the second stage of TRM, which is focused on intensive training in the TRM protocol. The third section is focused on active co-facilitation of a TRM group and supervision.

**Prerequisite for training includes: (a) Exposure and openness to development of a personal drumming and mindfulness practice. (b) Professional experience and postgraduate degree (or equivalent training) in the fields of health care or education (c) Membership in a recognized professional association (d) Current clinical therapy practice with some experience in group work, and (e) proof of liability insurance